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So this is the first official Lone Broker blog. Welcome.

For those who know of me and some who don’t here’s why The Lone Broker. When I stepped out on my own after almost 20 years of employment working for others within the insurance broking industry the beginning was quiet, very quiet.

Often when you have been successful and almost doubled the size of your employer’s turnover they will not want to lose you and contracts are put in place so that if you leave you cannot work with the clients you have built solid trusting relationships with. These clients are used to working with you but a signed contract is a signed contract.

When some people who are in this position leave their employment & they set up on their own. They ignore the terms of the contract they have entered into by contacting and dealing with the client base they had built up whilst working under their previous employer. Some are litigated successfully & some are litigated unsuccessfully and some are left to their own devices.

I chose to stand alone hence the title of The Lone Broker. I stood alone and made it clear very publicly on Social Media that I was honourable and I would be sticking to my contract and that I would not be able to solicit for business or deal with any of my previous clients for one year. I am sure that others reading this will understand what being in this situation means.

This explains why it was very quiet to start with and why I began to write The Lone Broker mini blog. Something I had an abundance of was time. I also wrote my whole website Trying to start from scratch in this business is not easy. I am not a seasoned cold caller and I had been used to the backing of a Multi – Million pound national company and I of course had previously had word of mouth on my side.

So I started to do what I knew. I created a strong brand with a logo, a tree, an oak tree, a symbol of longevity, strength and trust.  I began to use the power of social media and positivity and my knowledge of my local area to create a new client bank. I kept myself visible and relevant, so that when the time came previous clients whom I did not have access to the contact details of and the people who I had worked with and who trusted me to look after their property and livelihood would know where they could find me and instruct my services again.

For one year I met more new customers from scratch I built a new client bank. At times I really didn’t think that as a Lone Broker I would be able get by, or compete.

A few months in I called the owner of a taxi firm that I knew and said would I be able to drive part- time for them whilst continuing to run my own business. She said sure. I learnt to drive late in life and only have an automatic license. I asked if they had any auto taxis on the fleet and she said no. I could’ve been doing it full – time by now a totally different career. Not a bad way to earn money, but not what I had in mind when I decided to leave my management position in insurance.

So I persevered and I broke through the first year by holding a party and visiting as many people I knew and inviting them face to face  and even though I now deal with around a tenth of the clients that I worked with in my previous employ  after 18 months of trading my client base increases every day with those who had previously trusted and those that are now beginning to trust The Lone Broker.

My signature or my tagline if you like, for those that know, and probably the main thing that has motivated me and has given me positive strength to continue the career path I have now chosen for the ongoing security day after day is the incredible scenery of the phenomenal place in which I grew up and still to this day choose to reside in. Weymouth & Portland in Dorset in all its glory. This is the dawn of The Lone Broker Blog.

Why am I telling you all this? If I can do it anyone can. I work hard but I answer to no-one anymore. Being your own boss and serving those who place their trust in you and support you gives you the kind of temerity and self respect you will not get anywhere else in life. You only have one life. You should absolutely spend it doing what you want to do.

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