The Multifaceted life of an Oakes Insure Boss

Since the inception of the Oakes Insure brand and business, life has never been quiet for its busy managing director. He will tell you that for the business to work effectively all the activities that are shoehorned into his busy schedule complement each other and are crucial to form a symbiotic relationship.

The result of working in this way engages the very heart of the Oakes Insure core values.

Loyalty, Integrity, Service, Altruism, Trust, Professionalism.

Photo of Kirtin Duffield and Craig Oakes

First – The experienced and qualified Insurance Broker. Making sure that not only the insurance needs of Business, Property and Boat owners are satisfied including relevant terms and also making sure that the premiums they pay are reasonable.

Second – The experienced and qualified Insurance advisor and consultant. Being able to deal with a range of different insurance technicalities and questions and knowing insurance law at a moment’s notice from a simple question about what legally is required for a Self employed  Painter & Decorator to the third party liability for a vehicle being used in a carnival procession and whether the motor insurance would be the prevailing policy or the event organisers insurance.

Craig Oakes

Third – The President of the Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce. By taking on this voluntary role it means speaking to and working with many businesses at all times. The ultimate goal of the Chamber is to increase  business frequency and support the business community in the area. This of course in turn promotes skills, training and employment opportunities allowing businesses to start-up, expand and flourish and because Craig is also an experienced and qualified insurance broker, advisor and consultant he is in the perfect position to make sure once businesses start to prosper they don’t fail through incidents that befall them through no fault of their own.

Fourth – The fitness freak. As an extension to being Chamber President Craig didn’t think it was quite enough to nominate a Presidents Charity. So he decided to remove himself completely from his comfort zone and took on a Fitness Regime with a local gym with a goal to lose three stone and then swim Weymouth’s harbour on Christmas Day. Since then he has also registered to run 4km in aid of Weldmar Hospicecare who will also benefit from the main challenge . This is all done to inspire other businesses to pick up the metaphorical baton and to help themselves and others.

Fifth – The digital persona. Craig very much cares about the community he lives within and does his utmost to promote businesses and organisations who operate within that area, from small café’s just trying to put food on the table to schools and the fetes they organise to raise much needed funding. He understands that the power of social media spreads far and wide and often during the day and sometimes in the night he will be looking for a way in which he can help by sharing the date of an event or the opening of a new event and creating awareness  across many different ages and genders.

Sixth – The family man. In between all of this Craig has a wife and 11 year old daughter who he dotes on and all of his experience and qualifications as an Insurance broker and all of the time spent in and around so many different businesses are of little use to a young lady who just wants to spend her weekend shopping, going to the cinema, Pony Riding or swimming. It then takes moving into a completely different mindset although the core values remain in place except for the fact that maybe professionalism is replaced by enjoyment.

So ask yourself as a business or property owner would you rather be protected by nameless people that work 9 to 5 to earn a salary to only live to enjoy the weekend and don’t have complete faith and passion in the company they represent? Alternatively, do you really want your business to be looked after by a company and business leader in that company that lives the same way as you do, who completely empathises with your situation and fills their life so that they remain sharp and keen? A company which  follows someone who strives  to inspire others positively and takes the time to not only be experienced but also qualified in the profession they have chosen and also freely gives their time to help other businesses to succeed.

Choose an Insurance broker that is completely flexible, versatile and approachable who won’t let you down and sees you as a person, a name, a fellow business owner not just a number on a spreadsheet.

Choose humanity, choose local.

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