You know you have to have insurance right?

Here are 5 great reasons to use a local broker specifically like Oakes Insure.

  1. We are always open.

    Sounds a bit too good to be true right? Well for once this is as it sounds we don’t leave our clients high and dry. 6am, we answer the phone, 9pm, we answer the phone. Sunday, we answer the phone. Now we don’t expect our clients to ring because they saw a car they were thinking about insuring in the next 6 months at 10pm on a Saturday and for the most of the time this is the case. We do, however, expect our clients who have a massive issue with their business over the weekend such as a fire or a theft to have the facility to get advice and help when they really need it. No-one else does this. So the next time you are put on hold or you have to wait ages to speak to a call centre to get help think to yourself I read a blog once and I am sure it said that there was at least one Broker that didn’t put me through this. Oakes Insure. *(Every now and then you will get an answer phone message but we call you back really quickly)

  2. When we take your business on we learn and know about your business.

    We get involved, we help. We promote your business so that it can grow. We use Social Media to make people aware of what it is that you do. Are there any other Insurance Brokers that are dedicated to trying to help make their client’s businesses more successful whilst protecting them at the same time? With Oakes Insure you get a guardian angel that positively helps you with what you are aspiring to achieve whether it be creating an empire of eateries or Portfolio of Property investment. We try to look after our clients. We are always looking for an opportunity to help them along.

  3. We have an exclusive insurer that only we have access to in this area.

    The Insurance is UK A-rated and we are part of a Chartered Insurance Broker who cover all of our compliance for us so we have time to look after our client’s properly and concentrate on their needs without worrying about making sure that the Financial Conduct Authority are satisfied. They are more than happy. On top of this you speak to an insurance broker who is qualified in his field and learnt all aspects of Insurance to obtain Cert CII and was not just told how to pass an exam without retaining any real information. You also get 20 years of experience dealing with all aspects of Insurance, claims, broking & dealing with complex business and property of any size.

  4. You deal with one person at all times.

    They say people buy people. Well this is certainly true with Oakes Insure. We have over 250 clients who one person sees fairly regularly. On average our clients come in contact with their broker 2-3 times a year. Not just when renewal comes round. This is often the case with most Direct Insurers or brokers they take on a client and they never really see that client until it is time to take their money again or if there is a claim. You always know you can pick up the phone if you need to but it is not the same as getting that reassurance that you have engaged or spent a little time now and again with the person who can ultimately make your troubles go away in the event of a catastrophe.

  5. We are a small business.Photo of Kirtin Duffield and Craig Oakes

    This should be the most reassuring thing. We completely get you on every level. We identify with your needs. We struggle in business like you do. We have the same worries as you do. We use you for the things that we need in your business and we buy from the businesses that we protect. We are symbiotic to you, we would not survive without you and you probably would not survive without us. It’s the most important reason. If you can achieve the same price and cover from someone who is local to you and will be there for you, personally when you really need it, then there is little point in looking through the backs of catering magazines or the internet to find what you have right on your doorstep Your money paid into a small local business will come right back in to the local economy again. We guarantee it.

If you’d like to save on your business insurance then get in touch using the form below or call 01305 819888 / 07500 962783

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