We often hear that phrase “buy local”, it means a lot of different things to a lot of different business owners. If you own a pub often local ales or wines or foods that are sourced locally means that they know the supplier. They know how that food is grown or produced, whether the process is hygienic or ethical for instance.  They may get certain local discounts.

They will also often have a relationship with their supplier. One that means that if they have under or over ordered they can make a quick phone call and speak to the person who can make an instant decision and either offer a credit or make sure what they are short of gets to them quickly.

So why are we as an Insurance Broker writing this Blog?

The message is exactly the same if you need to buy insurance.

The most important thing about selecting their insurance,  people often think,  is the price.  It is maybe 3rdor 4thon the list when you think about things rationally especially when you are talking about business or property insurance.

Firstly if you have a business or property that you need to insure what is the first thing that comes to mind?
If the first thing you think is: “I have just opened my business in the Dorset area and I need to insure it”

That’s fine but you will have already missed the most important thing that should be going through your head.  It should be:
“Do I know anyone else in business or who owns property in the area who will have had to go through this process?”

It’s just an example – we need to explain the main benefits of buying from a locally planted and grown insurance broker such as Oakes Insure. Our tagline “Trust the Tree” is not just there to be catchy, it has many meanings.

So we come on to the main 5 benefits of learning to Trust the Tree and buying locally produced Insurance from a local Insurance Broker.

Number 1.  Communication.With insurance, communication is tantamount to your business or property. If you operate from Dorset, buy your insurance in Dorset, it makes perfect sense. Through any part of your time spent with your broker, your business may need to grow, you may have a claim, you may need advice. Choose someone who is close and you can communicate with at a moments notice if needs be.

Number 2. Local Knowledge. It is not impossible to operate out of Dorset for instance and then have a fairly good relationship with a broker in East Anglia or Scotland and there may be any number of reasons why this is the case. Generally though when you start out or want to look at ways of changing or growing your business, having somebody who will have  a good knowledge of  what you are planning to do and how it will impact in your local area, will give you an amazing head start. Geographically you will find your Insurance Broker if chosen locally will have already insured businesses or property in the area and can advise you how those businesses are doing and maybe introduce you.

Number 3. Price. See we told you price doesn’t show up until 3rdplace on the benefits. It’s very overrated usually by non local brokers.  Locally placed brokers know what you should be paying in an area and we’ll let you into a little industry secret here. You will not necessarily get the same rates from a broker in London that you will get from one in Dorset because it’s all based on postcodes although we are often told this. What you will get a lot of is no flood cover and increased rates in coastal areas because computers think that we are an island and as such are surrounded by water and sometimes cannot understand height. A local broker would be able to negotiate using local historic fact and by presenting case by case to underwriters.  Flood is a very serious factor though and in certain areas is more important than others.  Lastly where it comes to price local brokers will generally know what others are paying in the area and for new businesses they will be able to advise what they should be paying based on that, not just on the general size of their business. One size does not fit all. Local Brokers deal with many different risks every day.

Number 4. Claims.  If we are being true to our word it should be the first thing you think about when you select your insurance but it also very much comes under the heading of communication as well. When you start your business or you buy property that is going to be an investment to make you an income for the first time or if you already have these but you are using or thinking of using the services of Insurance Brokers that are not local to you, if you are unfortunate enough to have a claim you will then realise the benefit of  having a relationship with an Insurance Broker who is based locally to you who is home grown in your area. In the case of Oakes Insure we have talked to our claims clients whilst on holiday, in the middle of the night, within minutes of a catastrophe happening and more often than not because our customers are local and they have brought local, that element of fear and worry has been quickly calmed.  You ultimately buy insurance so if the worst should happen you are put back in the position you were in before that fire, that storm or that flood or whatever it might be. Buy locally when it comes to a claim.

Number 5. Relationship.  If you know someone well and they are in your life and you actually see that person regularly it makes dealing with people so much easier. When we as Oakes Insure chose to brand ourselves as an Oak Tree it showed that they believed and trusted in ourselves and as a family company the conduct of this runs right the way through. When you buy the one thing that could save your livelihood you need to be able to trust the company that you deal with and often our customers end up becoming close friends because we advise them at the most important times in their lives. We have clients all over the country but we are based here in South Dorset.  In South Dorset we don’t really have clients, we have people we know well who we protect. That is relationship. That is Trust.

If you are a business or property owner based in the Dorset area

Oakes Insure literally know where you are coming from.

If you’d like to save on your business insurance then get in touch using the form below or call 01305 819888 / 07500 962783

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