Business & Property Insurance for 2020+

In previous years when you arrange Insurance for something that brings you revenue have you really taken any notice?
Have you understood what your documents mean?
Have you taken the time to look through the answers that appear on a Statement of Fact or Schedule?
You really should.

When the Insurance Act 2015 came into force, one of the parts of that legislation stated that you must give fair representation. In short that means that you have told the insurer everything that they need to know to be able to offer you a correctly costed policy. After all it is they who have to take the risk. Technically you could just pay around a thousand pounds and if something should happen the insurer could have to pay out millions.

If you don’t fairly represent your business to that insurer then he could refuse to pay out on a very expensive situation which in turn could see you get into financial difficulty rather quickly.

So in this day and age in this new decade it is more important than ever that you take a relatively short amount of time around an hour or so to sit with a professional experienced and qualified Insurance Broker.

Remember when you have sat before and someone in a flashy suit has asked questions and you are not really concentrating and you just simply answer yes and no or even worse you have spoken to a broker on the phone who is based far from you and although you think you are taking everything in there’s every chance you are just trying to get another chore out of the way. The chance of a claim not getting paid out in these situations is much higher now.

At Oakes Insure we do things differently. We speak to you we keep you alert and engaged and we are patient. If something else happens whilst we are spending that all important hour with you. We will wait until you have spoken to that member of staff or a customer on the phone. We become part of your business. We’ll pause and then we’ll help you to refocus, so that the information you give is correct. It isn’t your fault you have busy lives and we completely understand. We’ll also come to you at a time that suits you. If you can focus better at 7am then we will come at 7am.

2020 needs to be different for business and property owners now. There are bigger challenges. Cyber liability and Crime is becoming rife and we will be encouraging our clients to cover themselves adequately with informed advice from us. It is now more likely that a digital threat will hit you than a physical one.

When you become a client of Oakes Insure you will have a guardian angel. We’ll never be far away and we’ll always keep up with how your business is running and promote your business where possible to ensure that you can grow. We aren’t an average insurance broker we go above and beyond that. When it comes to this insurance we don’t just think outside the box we step right out of the box and kick it away.

It’s so important with all the rigours and stresses of running businesses or having to manage property that you own that you don’t drop the ball. The correct insurance in place can mean that if you drop one of those many balls you have to juggle that someone throws you another one in so you keep your routine going and you don’t just drop everything. Trust Oakes Insure and we will pick up that ball for you then you can continue to juggle the rest.

2020 is the year that you should save money and sleep better at night. Let us organise this very intricate part oy your business for you. We’re local. It’s a great feeling when you know that we manage the most complex of things for you.

You will say to people to be honest I’m not sure but I can make a phone call and find out. My insurance broker is easy to get hold of and easy to talk to and they have never let me down.

Start today. You simply have to email your contact details & renewal date to [email protected] and we’ll do the rest and contact you around a month before your insurance is due to start the ball rolling. If you are curious to find out about us

Join hundreds of others in this new decade that want personal service and have put up with the likes of being put on hold and paying higher prices for too long now.

If you’d like to save on your business insurance then get in touch using the form below or call 01305 819888 / 07500 962783

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